History of The Pirate Cafe, Part I

In the beginning

Long ago, in a not-so-far-off land, the Internet came into existence and it was good.


The Pirate Café began in 1995 as a journal, newspaper, and soapbox if you will, a page where I could deposit:



My opinion


Talk about my favorite music


Show off my pictures


Let you read my poetry, and


Introduce you to some of my friends


I didn’t create this group of pages by myself.  I like to give credit where it’s due and, in this case, Todd is responsible for The Pirate Café coming to life way back then.  He’s also the guy who created my logos.  Thanks!


To find out about what Todd is doing today, check him out here.







We can build it better

In 1997, I bought the domain for Pirate Creations and we moved The Café from Tripod to its home at piratecreations.com.  And it was good.  The Pirate Café had a home.


Today I work on my pages when I can, and look for input from sources all around me.  From my editorial in From Where I Sit to the original poetry and photography in Poetic Endeavors, I hope you will enjoy the content of my web pages.  If you would like to suggest content, please e-mail me here.

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