Epressions: Art & Stuff

Epressions: Art & Stuff
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I express myself pretty much any way I can, and these days the best way to do that is the world wide web.  Thanks for inventing the Internet, Al Gore.



I started writing poetry in about 1977.  Take a look and see if I’ve gotten any better since then.


When you spend time in a bar or restaurant, and you’re not carrying a notebook to write in, you usually find the first piece of paper you can to jot down a thought or two.  This page represents some of the scribblings I’ve made while eating or drinking, or both

More Pictures 

I’ve had many an occasions of writers block where the poetry wouldn’t write itself. The current one is years old now.  In the absence of the written word, I have enjoyed taking pictures ever since I got my first Polaroid Instamatic.

My Dog Emma 

I've read the lamest thing people do is build a page for their pet.  That's GOT to be the lamest excuse to put down a webpage.  My dog, Emma is more than a pet.  Emma is the best dog in the world.  So there, you no-pet-loving web critics!